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KB600-EV Insulation Monitor

KB600-C Insulation MonitorSuitable for IT ungrounded control systems below AC/DC 230VFeatures:1. Suitable for ungrounded control systems below AC/DC 230V2. Built-in/external test/reset button3. Automatic and manual reset function4. Multi-type, wide-range control power input5. Humanized and simple op
Product Details

KB600-EV Insulation Monitor

Suitable for IT ungrounded control systems below AC/DC 1000V


1. Suitable for ungrounded control systems below AC/DC 1000V

2. Built-in/external test/reset button

3. Automatic and manual reset function

4. Multi-type, wide-range control power input

5. Humanized and simple operation interface, which can display various parameters and system leakage capacitance

6. DIN rail installation method

7. LCD display with backlight

8. Measure and display the insulation resistance of ungrounded systems

9. Measurement and display of leakage capacitance (C)

10. Communication via Modbus RS-485

11. Adjustable response delay

12. Two independent alarm relays (each relay has a changeover contact)

Product description:

KB600-C Insulation Monitor adopts low-frequency AC injection method to reliably and accurately monitor the insulation resistance of AC, DC, and AC-DC hybrid IT systems (ungrounded systems) to ground.

Product parameters:

Rated insulation voltage: 1000V

Nominal system voltage Un: AC/DC 0-230V

Nominal frequency fn: DC, 50Hz, 60Hz

Alarm value Ranl (Alarm 1): 1...9999 kΩ

Alarm value Ran2 (Alarm 2): 1...9999 kΩ

Relative uncertainty: 1...5 kΩ/5...200kΩ±0.5 kΩ/+15 %

Response time when R=0,5xR and G=1μF: tan ≤4s

Start-up delay (start-up time) t: 0…10 s (0 s)*

Response delay ton: 0…99 s (0 s)*

Measuring voltage Um: 24 V

DC internal resistance Ri : ≤120kΩ

Impedance Zi at 50Hz: ≤120kΩ

Allowable system leakage capacitance Ce : ≤ 20 μF

Display range of measured values: 1 kΩ…20 MΩ

Product Size:

Product wiring:



The products are suitable for steel mills, mines, rail transit, automation, engineering equipment, petrochemical industry, etc.

steel mill





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