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GM series Safety Light Curtains Area Sensor

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GM series Safety Light Curtain Sensor

Your best partner for safety light curtain sensors in China, ensuring your protection from hazardous machines.

With over 10 years of manufacturing experience, our products are easy to install and maintain.

The safety light curtain sensors, also known as light barriers or safety light grids, utilize a barrier composed of multiple infrared or laser lights to detect objects between their transmitter and receiver.Generally speaking, a safety light curtain sensor can only protect a specific plane; however, if you wish to safeguard additional planes, several of these sensors should be employed.A typical safety light curtain comprises an emitter and a receiver. We offer a wide range of through beam light curtains with varying resolutions ranging from 10mm and 20mm up to 40mm.The protective height can vary from 60mm up to a maximum of 2000mm.Our light curtains are renowned for their competitive pricing, superior quality, and exceptional precision.


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