The structure of solid state relay, the composition of solid state relay

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Solid State Relay: English name Solid State Relay, referred to as SSR. It is an all-solid-state device that can perform the function of opening and closing circuits like an electromagnetic relay, and its input and output insulation is equivalent to that of an electromagnetic relay.


The structure of solid state relay

Structure: a four-terminal device, two input terminals, two output terminals, the main device is a thyristor. The input terminal is connected to the control signal, and the output terminal is connected to the load and power supply.


Composition of solid state relay

Composition: three parts: input circuit, drive circuit and output circuit.


Classification of solid state relays

Classification: According to the type of load power supply, it can be divided into AC type and DC type.


According to the switch type, it can be divided into normally open type and normally closed type.


According to the isolation type, it can be divided into hybrid type, transformer isolation type and photoelectric isolation type.


Working principle and characteristics of solid state relay

Working principle and characteristics: It is a four-terminal device with two terminals as input terminals and the other two terminals as output terminals. An isolation device is used in the middle to realize the photoelectric isolation of input and output, and it has two uses: zero-crossing opening and random opening.


Similar products of solid state relay

      Thyristor voltage regulators are also called solid-state voltage regulators, power regulators, torque motor controllers, DC solid-state relays, etc., as well as our new product: soft start modules, all in the same category.


Advantages of Solid State Relays

Advantages: high stability, high reliability, no contact, long life.


Solid state relay application field

Application : motor speed regulation, forward and reverse control, light adjustment, household appliances, oven heating and temperature control, construction and transformation of power transmission and transformation grid, electric drive, printing and dyeing, plastic processing coal mine, steel, chemical industry and military use etc.

Single phase AC SSR solid state relay

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